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March 18, 2020

Navigating the coronavirus (COVID-19) with PruittHealth Premier

Everyone at PruittHealth Premier understands your biggest concern is how you, or your loved ones, can stay healthy during this difficult time.

 The health and well-being of PruittHealth Premier members and employees is our top priority. Our senior management, clinical, and operational leadership teams meet daily to track COVID-19 to prepare for the possibility of the coronavirus affecting the communities and members we serve.

 The good news is we’re here to help.  PruittHealth Premier is positioned to provide the care you need in the comfort of where you live. Our PruittHealth Premier Nurse Practitioners provide most of the primary care for you. They also serve as your care coordinator, working closely with the facility’s nurses and caregivers, as well as your doctors and specialists.

Actions PruittHealth Premier is taking to keep you healthy:

  • Our plan Nurse Practitioners will continue to provide the extra level of personal care and attention you expect, right where you live.
  • We are actively working with your facility to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
  • We’re tracking the coronavirus updates and educating our care team on the latest guidelines from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as they become available.
  • To prevent virus exposure, we will avoid transports to outside providers unless absolutely necessary.

If our members get sick and require testing, the coronavirus test is fully covered by PruittHealth Premier with no out-of-pocket cost to them.

Rest assured, we’ll continue to work closely with the communities we serve to monitor the rapidly changing status of the coronavirus, and to find innovative ways for delivering a high-level of personalized care and customer service.

 Not a member of PruittHealth Premier yet?

If you or your loved one live in a participating facility and would like to learn more about PruittHealth Premier, complete our Contact Me form and a plan representative can help you. You can also review our available plans and their benefits for more info.

Helpful links for more information about the coronavirus (COVID-19):

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